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Inaaya Dhamani


Inaaya Dhamani was only 4 years old when she developed her passion for music, arts and singing – thanks to her dear uncle Aquil Pirwani who brought out this hidden talent in her.

Inaaya is very talented in artist skills like drawing, painting, sketching and origami. She lives and breathes arts and music each day and wishes to build her professional career in the field soon.

Inaaya was born in the hot sands and summers of Qatar and is now settled in Edmonton, Canada. She is the only child of Aziz and Noureen Dhamani as well as the only grandchild of Rahemet and Allauddin Dhamani, Parveez and Abdul Hussein Pirwani.

Inaaya is also “JollyGul Rising Star” on our music platform. She will be the first, amongst we hope many more emerging artists, who will be exhibiting their work on the new visual arts platform which we are launching to mark Imamat Day 2021.

With help from parents Aziz and Noureen Dhamani, our plan was to surprise Inaaya with this exhibition of her initial 61 pieces of art on her 12th birthday which falls on July 6th 2021. Our special appreciation to Arzina Merali for all her help.

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