What is JollyGul Art & Craft Gallery?

JollyGul Art & Craft Gallery is a global, independent, nonprofit online hub, primarily for emerging visual artists for exhibiting their work and to help them gain international exposure.

Do you have a physical gallery?

No, we are not a physical gallery. JollyGul Art & Craft Gallery is “born digital” and our mission is to make art easily accessible to everyone in the world. We will present the art in the traditional web gallery format as well as continue to develop 3D VR (Virtual Reality) environments that will make our visitors feel that they are in a real physical space.

Is there a cost to exhibit my art?

There is no charge for artists or visitors to use our facility.

Do you accept financial donations?

No we do not accept donations, and we have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

What type of art can I submit?

These are the categories we have at present: paintings, drawings, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, glass, furniture, needlework, photography, digital arts and fashion.

Does the art need to have a religious or spiritual theme?

No, art is art. It need not have a devotional depiction, even though it can.

How do I actually submit my work?

You need to take good pictures of your work in natural light at 90 degree angle (facing the art), not from the side. Think of the image that you send us being hung on a virtual gallery wall. Send us the files (jpeg, pdf, png whatever works for you) using a file sharing system you are already using. Each image will need to have a title and 2-3 line description. This information can be separately submitted.

You can also upload the files directly to JollyGul AWS servers.


How about pictures of objects?

If you have an object that can be better presented with a 3D view, please take 4 or more pictures from different angles, we may render it in 3D in a rotating manner.

I have some more questions, how do I contact you?

Please feel free to use our Contact Form to reach out to us for any help.

How will the art be presented?

We display the art using the traditional website thumbnail gallery approach (for those comfortable with this) as well as a virtual 3D walk-through art gallery. No special glasses needed, your computer mouse and keyboard are good enough.

Do you plan to have thematic exhibitions?

Yes, we also feature thematic virtual exhibitions covering historical, social and scientific subject matter.

As an artist, will the exhibition of my art be permanent?

Yes, it will not be removed unless you request it to be removed. You can also add more content in future.

Can I sell my art on your website?

As a non profit, our goal is to give exposure to art created by emerging artists in the community. We do not plan to have e-commerce features on our website.

What are your plans for the future?

Our overarching objective is to promote emerging artists in the community. Our online-virtual model frees us from the physical and conceptual limitations of a traditional art gallery. It gives us an opportunity to challenge the rules of the institutionalized art world on how art is presented and enjoyed by the people. And evolving technology and better internet speeds will enable us to develop different modes of audience engagement and immersion. However, our success will depend entirely on how excited artists in the community feel about participating on this platform.

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